Cabañas Monte Verde - Pucón, Araucanía, 4920000, Chile
  • Villarrica

Climb the volcano

To climb an active volcano to the top is an incredible adventure. From the top of volcano Villarrica you have an amazing panorama of other volcanos, mountain chains, lakes and valleys.

You should be in good physical condition, but the tour companies provide everything you need. You can climb any time of the year, if the condition of the day permits.


Cabañas Monte Verde
Camino Pucón - Villarrica Km 5
Pucón, Araucanía, 4920000, Chile
Call: +56 45 2441351
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Monte Verde Accommodations, Pucón - Chile

Monte Verde is a beautifully coordinated complex offering you 16 cabins with the capacity of two to eight guests each, all come with complete kitchen. We also have a beautiful small hotel, with six rooms for two or three guests each. The Apart Hotel consist of seven apartments in a three story building. The top floor is dedicated to one special apartment.