Cabañas Monte Verde - Pucón, Araucanía, 4920000, Chile

Pucón Overview

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The town of Pucón is located on the southeast shore of beautiful Lake Villarrica. It is known as the most important southern summer lake destination in Chile, with a tremendous variety of summer activities. You find a great mix of tourist attractions close to town: beautiful beaches, many hot springs, a ski center, rivers for rafting, and mountains for trekking.

The surrounding countryside offers many attractions: the Volcano Villarrica, (the most active in Chile), with its distinctive smoke plume, and always with snow.

We have forests with incredible vegetation, clear rivers and dozens of waterfalls and rapids. It´s a perfect place to practice adventure sports and take memorable family vacations

Flora and Fauna

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Many people are drawn to this region, the Araucanía, to see our incredible forests. The signature tree for all of Chile grows here...the Araucaria Araucana. Its grows slowly, is statuesque, is completely protected, grows for up to 3000 years, and it's worth the trip to wander in one of these remarkable forests. This area has 54 other major tree species, 37 found only in Chile.

Don´t expect to see a lot of wild animals. Remember, Chile is like an island, surrounded by ocean and desert and the Andes. We have many unusual birds, but not many species. The good part is we have nothing dangerous. You can enjoy the incredible countryside without worries.

Monte Verde will supply specific information on birds, mammals, trees and flowers, if you want

Cabañas Monte Verde
Camino Pucón - Villarrica Km 5
Pucón, Araucanía, 4920000, Chile
Call: +56 45 2441351
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Monte Verde Accommodations, Pucón - Chile

Monte Verde is a beautifully coordinated complex offering you 16 cabins with the capacity of two to eight guests each, all come with complete kitchen. We also have a beautiful small hotel, with six rooms for two or three guests each. The Apart Hotel consist of seven apartments in a three story building. The top floor is dedicated to one special apartment.