About us

Monte Verde started as a dream of a couple that decided to turn their life and work project into a place for tourism. With the passage of time, the amount of lodges has been increased.

Our family consists of Luis Alberto Schneider, Cecilia Sepúlveda and three children, Pablo, Beatriz y Martina. Luis Alberto is a civil engineer and he also works in the construction industry. He has designed and supervised the construction of all of our lodges and the hotel.

We personally take care of the accommodation, maintenance and services provided at Monte Verde, always aiming at providing better-quality services to our guests.

A group of great people works with us. They are receptionists, maids and laundry staff. The gardeners are in charge of the garden, as well as many other activities.

All of us together try to deliver the best services so that your stay at Monte Verde will be as pleasant as possible.