How to get to Monte Verde

Temuco is big and confusing. if you are driving from Santiago be sure to take the bypass around Temuco. If you are at the airport, you are already south of Temuco, where you want to be.

The airport is an easy two kilometers from the main road, 5 South (Ruta 5 sur). This is our express way. 22 km south (15 miles) you come to your turn to Villarrica. Be careful, the Villarrica turn is 300 m past the turn to the small town Freire, both turns on the right (west). If you take the first turn you'll be in Freire.

You exit west, do a cloverleaf over the expressway to take the road to Villarrica to the east, and take the two lane road 50 km (30 miles) to Villarrica. Pass through Villarrica towards Pucón, it is well signed. In 18 km (11 miles) you cross the bridge Los Riscos, also well signed, and in 100 meters you are at the entrance to the Hotel and Cabañas Monte Verde on your right.