How to get to Pucón

By Air:

The fastest and easiest way to get to Pucón is to take one of many daily flights from Santiago to Temuco. The most common airlines are Lan ( and Sky (; the flight is about one hour. The Temuco airport offers rent-a-cars (,, or ask for a transfer to Pucón (

In summer (January and February), there are direct flights from Santiago to Pucón (Lan and Sky). The airport (north of Pucon) is 15 km (9 miles) from your hotel Monte Verde, ask us to arrange your transport to Monte Verde.

By Bus:

Chile has an incredible bus system, beyond anything that the States has offered. For example, the Tur Bus Premium has seats that go completely horizontal, making a comfortable bed. There are at least fifteen buses a day (most of them traveling by night), with comfortable and spacious seats. The trip takes about ten hours and the price is reasonable. The bus can leave you exactly in front of Hotel and Cabañas Monte Verde, 5 km before Pucón.

By Car:

The trip is approximately nine hours (780 km., 500 miles) from Santiago. The new express way, only seven years old is safe and easy to drive.